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Beschäftigung Dubai Properties 
Biographie This graceful, 4-bedroom residence on the iconic Palm Jumeirah offers the very best of tranquility, refinement and privacy, minutes away from Dubai’s most fashionable hotspots. this central rotunda-type villa offers beach access, as well as enchanting views of gently lapping waves and the wider community, making for an elevated lifestyle infused with serenity.

Polished flooring complements warm interiors that are filled with natural light to make for an inviting sanctuary. The bathrooms are tastefully designed to breathe a sense of sophistication and relaxation. This blend is a trend that continues in the resplendent kitchen, perfect for enjoyable cooking sessions. Both have recently been upgraded and come equipped with high-end fittings and fixtures.

The bedrooms, meanwhile, frame the beach and community vistas from unique perspectives, and also offer stunning views of the Dubai sun. Spacious and elegant, these rooms ensure a suitable living space for all members of the family.

A private swimming pool at the mouth of the beach offers a distinct space to celebrate with family and friends. There are an assortment of amenities on offer, including a children’s play area, sports academies and shopping destinations — a truly all-encompassing lifestyle can be availed.
For more details call +971 508209791 
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